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So I met this lovely lady who is a semi pro latin dancer. Besides that she’s short, she’s fisty, has great humor and has a pair of amazingly captivating eyes. And this is our story…


Date 1

We had exchanged numbers and at some point we were just shooting Whatsapp messages back and forth during daytime work-hours, basically just shooting the shits back and forth for a bit. At some point she told me that she was becoming more and more curious about me, which I took as a hint that she wanted to meet up, and spend some time together 😉

I told her I had a super busy schedule and that I would have no time available the rest of the week, I could only make time available…TONIGHT!
She told me she had to practice dancing and that she would only finish and be home around 22.30 that evening. She asked me “don’t you mind coming over that late?” on which I replied “okay, but only 1 cup of tea and don’t get any idea’s young lady…I’m not that easy! Give me your adres!” She laughed, sent me her adres and we both went back to work.

Later that night I drove over to her place, rang the doorbell and when she opened up I could see she was still wearing her training leggings and shirt, which gave me a small glimpse of her fit body. I looked her up and down while standing in the doorway and thought to myself “Short as hell, fit as F#CK!”.

She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and when our eyes met, they locked for a brief moment and I took a step towards her… I grabbed her to give her a big hug, like I always do, but this time I picked her up and felt that she very willingly wrapped her legs around my waste and buried her face in my neck where she kissed me…

The first thing that went through my mind was how she was as light as a feather and how great that would be in bed, I could literally pick her up and throw her around as I pleased, lol!

I walked inside her living room and sat down on this ENORMOUS sofa… I looked at the sofa then back at her and told her “you are so tiny, whats with this huge thing?!” She explained something I couldn’t even hear because she was standing in her kitchen and fro where I was standing I could only see the back of her… I then looked her up and down again and my heart started pounding a bit faster. This girl’s body looks very appetizing!

So, the reason for her having such a huge sofa, until today…I have no idea! But I’m sure I answered her with something like “yeah…I totally get it!” lol!

I strategically placed myself in the corner of her sofa, as I thought she wouldn’t have anywhere else to sit but on my left or right side, and somewhere within my grasp, as I like to sit within a certain distance so I can KINO escalate easily. However…this girl placed herself out of my reach… *sigh*.

So we started talking over a cup of tea and for the next 40 minutes the discussion went up and down from boring topics to hardcore flirtatious outings. This girl was sharp and had some funny comments. The fact that she was sitting so far away disturbed me though! Normally I escalate KINO way earlier and faster, like RIGHT FROM THE FUCKING START! But because she had to sit to far away from me I had to adjust my game… damn it, we should have been kissing at this point already, how dare she place herself so far away from me, lol.

So while talking I couldn’t stop trying to think of a way to get our bodies closer to each other. I looked at her hands and though of my rings routine, well, she wasn’t wearing any jewelry so I couldn’t grab her hand to look at it. I also thought of just sliding over to her, but the exact moment I came up with the thought I nearly vomited inside my own mouth…what a weak move that would be!

Then, all of a sudden, as if the gods couldn’t take it any more… they made me say out loud, and very bluntly “Come sit a bit closer!”

Well, hey…I’ll be damned… it worked! She smiled and slid herself over into my direction. I then thought to myself “allllllrighty then, sometimes a move doesn’t have to be a genius one or look artistic, it just has to do the job!” 

The entire vibe between us changed at that moment, this felt great! I looked at her and she looked back at me with her captivating eyes… I literally drowned in her gaze! It’s like Aphrodite herself looked me in the eyes at that moment.. (“T” your eyes literally make me melt inside…wow)

My heart was pounding at this moment and I could feel the energetic build up between us, it felt great…and we started kissing…passionately!

This girl knows exactly how to kiss, she has skills and her kisses feel awesome! It felt even more awesome when she came and sit on my lap and slowly started moving her waste in rhythmic circles… OH LORD ALMIGHTYYYY… the look in this girls eyes… WOW! (Sorry, I just can’t get over it…im weak!)

So we kissed for some time, took different positions and at some point I grabbed her, lift her up and placed her in the corner of the sofa and took position above her when she placed her left leg on my shoulder right at the moment when I went down to kiss her. Miss flexible! 😉

It was getting really late though, and I was thinking to myself “shall I go further or go home and leave this for another time?”. So at some point we cooled off a bit and I told her I needed to go. I’m not sure what it was but I had something important to do the following morning. So I remember getting up to walk towards the hallway and grab my coat…when I decided I would kiss her one last time…

I grabbed her, lift her up, she again put her legs around my waste and kissed me back with this fiery passion… 

I had enough…and started walking towards her bedroom with her wrapped around me! She stopped kissing me, looked at me with this fake “no please don’t” look in her eyes and shook her head with this naughty smile on her face… but I had decided!

I opened her door and she gave me a naughty smile and started kissing me again. I threw her on top of what I noticed was a HUUUUGE bed… (This tiny girl likes big things, lol)

Yeah, so without going into the juicy details, we had a passionate sex session for about 1,5 hours, and YES..I made sure that she looked me in the eyes when I reached my glorious orgasm which added so much to that fantastic moment…yes I loved it! haha.


Date 2

I enjoyed the company of this lady, she has a nice energy and is very easy going so I wanted to ge to know her better. I brought her out for a bite to eat and to have a drink.

The moment we sat across the table from each other, the sexual energy between us grew again. The way we looked in each others eyes, the way we smiled at each other, the flirtatious jokes we made and how we touched each other playfully… the energy between us was perfect!

One thing I ALWAYS do is when I have eye contact is “visualize that I am making passionate love” to the lady in front of me. This causes my physiology to change and send out a specific signal which, I HOPE…is one she will pick up on 😉 And she did…

We talked about everything and nothing and and both felt that sexual energy that surrounded us both, like we were in our own bubble of playful sensuality. We both hurried and tried to finish out plate as soon as we could and with each bite looking each other in the eyes with a naughty smirk on our faces.

Once we were finished, the waiter asked if we liked to have a desert and both of us simultaneously shouted “NO!”. We looked at each other and laughed!
I payed the bill and we left the restaurant, I took her arm and we walked towards the car parking but instead of walking towards the car, I decided to make her wait just a little longer… lol 😉

So I dragged her inside a bar and ordered two drinks! We sat on high bar stools and pretty close to each other and she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. She was physically escalating on me…HARD!

And yes…I mean “hard” because I was had as hell at that moment and my entire body screamed of desire. We kissed, and at some point she put her hand on my cock while looking me in the eyes, with her big nearly black eyes… That was it! “Let’s go!”

We drove to her place, I parked the car and then we RAN towards the front door as if we had to go to the bathroom real bad… and once inside… we let our passion explode!

We had amazing sex! It lasted for a couple of hours and oh my…I enjoyed it so much! This lady was super horny and she sighed very deeply every time my lips touched her body.

I went down on her for a very long time… (yes, I enjoy doing so, lol) and so did she! After a while she literally BEGGED me to come up and slide inside her. I slowly worked my way back up again. She grabbed my face and licked off her own juice off of my mouth and cheeks, she then looked me in the eyes and TOLD me to slide inside her.

I slid on a condom while standing next to the bed, I grabbed her by her feet and pulled her towards the edge of her bed and pushed her knees up towards her shoulders…

I slowly pressed my tip against her…told her to look me in the eyes…and in one firm push I entered all the way in…

Her eyes opened up wide…her nails slowly sank into my back…she moaned loudly…she curled her back…it was a beautiful sight…

The next few hours passed by real quickly as we passionately had sex in all kinds of delightful positions. At one point she sat on top of me and while grinding and moving herself up and down I looked up at this super hot yet tiny lady… it was such an amazing sight!

My eyes went up and down the outlines of her amazingly shaped body, I noticed her black long hair draped over her shoulders while she arched her back and threw her head backwards in a moment o pure enjoyment. It was an awesome sight, I stopped thrusting for a moment and took my time to enjoy this gorgeous thing who was so obviously enjoying herself on top of me.

This went on for some time, until we’ve had our fill and as sweaty as we were, rested in each others arms…

I enjoyed this lady a whole lot! Her big dark eyes, her sparkling attitude, her fast and sharp remarks and the passionate way she completely gave herself when having sex. She won’t be forgotten.